Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Earn money using short links

Sites similar to adfly-These are the list of sites similar to adfly so if you are looking for sites that are similar to adfly then you are in the right place. They are not just adfly similar sites but also slightly better than adfly in terms of money making opportunities.
As you can see, we have been doing a lot of findings online trying to discover the sites similar to adfly in order to maximize our online earnings. We have analysed what makes a best site and also went into details about the top choices that are available to us, taking a closer look at each sites short link, payment proofs and popularity.
Well, we have finally found the sites similar to adfly we have being looking for, although some of them are not as popular as adfly, however, they are exactly like and even more easier to earn from their short like than adfly.
Below are the list of url shorteners found, tested and confirmed by many as the sites similar to adfly.
sites similar to adfly
link-buck is one of the sites similar to adfly, but highly better than adfly in terms of money making opportunities and management. Link-buck has three nice ways you can earn money with them such as short url, content locker url and referral program. Content locker url is a short url that show a little survey your visits has fill out before they can be able to download your file. It pays between $0.6 - $1.00 per download. while the other short link is the normal short url just like that of adfly, pay per click. The other nice thing about linkbucks is that they accept adult content which pays same as with clean content. Personally I make $35 consistently per day with link-buck. If you have a unique file that people needed badly you will make more than that. Their minimum payout is as low as $5.00. You can cashout immediately through paypal and payza.

Without a doubt one of the best networks. Offering the highest payouts to date. you can also 
enter up to 50 URLs (one per line) to be shrunk and added to your account. is a Social Media Marketing platform that allows both Advertisers and Publishers to make the most of Social Media Advertising.

is another site similar to adfly. Just like adfly. Ity has been online for a very long time now. Although they have paid me twice, I heard from some members that they deny people payment sometimes so if you are joining them watch your back because they are not as most trusted as linkbucks and adfly. Ity pays through paypal and their minimum payout is $5.00.
PLEASE NOTE: ONLY LINK-BUCK AND ADFLY ARE CURRENTLY THE ONLY TRUSTED AND MOST LEGIT URL SHORTENERS FOR NOW. BUT YOU CAN STILL TRY OUT THE OTHERS. There are many more url shorteners that pay you to shorten your link with them but due to not been able to verify their level of legitimacy they were not listed here. Also there are other sites which we are still testing to know if they truly pay, so we will keep you updated if we are paid by them. But for now, we hope the above listed sites similar adfly will be of great help to your online earning just like adfly. Do not hesitate to use the comment box below if you have any opinion on any of the above listed sites similar to adfly.

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